Workshop Respectful Relationships

Respectful relationships start with you!

This workshop is about the power of human contact and respectful relationships. You will learn what can be in your way and you’ll learn possibilities to do it differently. You will work towards stronger and more honest relationships with yourself and the people around you: your partner, friends, family and/or collegues.

You’ll appreciate and understand yourself more and be able to appreciate and understand others better. You’ll have a better understanding of choices in behavior: how you see yourself and how you see the other? Do you see the other person as a human being or as an object?

After the workshop:

  • You recognize when you are in a non-respectful relationship and you know what can stand in the way of real contact.
  • You have a deeper self-awareness of your impact on the quality of your relationships.
  • You are aware of what real contact looks like and how respectful relationships with yourself and others feel.
  • You have practical tools to deal with obstacles in your personal and professional life.
  • You have opportunities to create more positivity in your relationships.
  • You know how to change the dynamics of situations in relationships by setting the tone for healthy interactions, both in your personal and professional life.
  • You have energy and inspiration to claim your place in the world.

In Lebanon I gave this workshop as part of a training Personal Leadership and in The Netherlands and Ghana as a workshop on its own.

For the evaluations of the workshop Respectful Relationships see this page.