Vision and mission

It starts with the people, not with the conceived organization

The key to personal development is – in my opinion – to build on who you are in essence. The art is to (dare to) discover that, to trust on it and thereafter to do something with it for real. My mission is to help people to discover their own talents and strengths. From that point they can decide what they want to bring into the world and how they want to be in the world. I am convinced that every human being can live a fulfilled life and will be much happier if he or she knows his/her talents, and can develop and deploy them.

Because everything start with people. Without people there are no organizations. Organizations are invented structures to coordinate cooperation to achieve a particular goal. And there is nothing wrong with that.

What certainly is wrong, is the value people attach to the numerous protocols, formats, procedures and competence models in business life. These rules are designed to make the complicated world more clear and understandable, but they are not the truth. Unfortunately, I have often seen that people see them as the truth. That makes it difficult for many to (dare to) look across borders and see ‘the people in the organization’.

So it all starts with the individual, the people. How do you want to be as a human being in the world and what do you want to contribute to the world, your family, your work, friends or sports? When we discovered and dare to apply that, we can use rules as a tool without seeing them as the truth.