This is me!

I’m genuinely curious about another. I will not be stopped by someones appearance, but will always look for the uniqueness in everyone. I try – by posing questions – to let someone get to the core of an issue.

I am happy if I:

  • can convice others that they really matter;
  • can make them enthousiastic about life and what life has to bring;
  • can make people discover their own unique gifts and therefore may contribute to a person’s well-being.

I am always consciously looking for challenging experiences that test my talents, skills and knowledge and by which I can grow again as a person. Roles that entail structure and predictability don’t fit me well. I like variety and unpredictability; labels and boxes I don’t like too much.

Group dynamics, the individuals in a group and the interrelationships within the group I find interesting. That is why as a group coach I particularly cover these kind of themes.

Experience has shown that people feel at ease with me quickly. I act often as a counselor or mentor. Trust is essential and for me of the utmost importance.

For my curriculum vitae I refer to my profile on LinkedIn.