Testimonials Program Organizations with Impact

In co-operation with Globaldreamweb (www.globaldreamweb.com) I provided a program for Personal Leaderschip and Group coaching for the non-governemental-organization Beam (children care for refugees) in Lebanon.

The program was based on the program ‘Organizations with impact’ (see http://margotderuiter.net/en/program-organizations-with-impact/) and consisted of three retreats of two and a half day each.

Here is what the participants wrote after the training, in their own words:

‘…Great course. Excellent materials and presentations. I can take what I’ve learned and start applying it directly to my current project. Sweet ladies perfect trainers…’ (Abriza Shayya, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘…They helped me finding myself, my inner leader, … my soul. They helped me see the world and life in much easier and more beautiful way. They helped me find my leadership. They truly showed me the path to shine and much, much more. That was the great advantage to me personal and of course that reflected in a great way to our team…’ (Basem Halawi, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘…The training was insightful and the material was delivered by you with an extraordinary high level of passion and enthousiasm and you took the time to make sure that we all got it. It has opened my mind to many things and what I can be. I’m understanding myself better, this helped me in solving problems. This is the best training we have ever done professionally or personally…’ (Eman, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘It was one of the best trainings I attended in my life. Four ladies full of knowledge in this domain of leadership gave us a lot of information needed to build our inner leadership. And to know our strengths and improve our weakness and to know that always we should stand up in unity whatever the situation we face is, and of course to know how never give up for failure because no one can succeed without failing many times….’ (Karim Abi Ghanem, ngo Beam/Terre des Hommes, Libanon).

‘It was a very exciting and successful training. We learned from you to have more self confidence. We learned how to strengthen our weak points. The time we spend together was very fun, efficient and fruitful….’ (Khaleda Boukarroum, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘What you gave us made a great change in my personality. It made me reach what I want in a simple way but with great productivity. You help me to see my abilities, my strengths and my impact in the region where I am. You help me know that I have a great leader within me. Thanks again, it was my best experience I’ve got….’ (Manal Mahmoud, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘…I started first to know my strengths, to appreciate and to improve it. Then I started to know myself more, understand things about myself and see it, what I was not able to see before. I started to feel more powerful, to believe in myself and my abilities more, to lessen my sensitivity and my assumptions towards others….’ (Nisreen Bou Ali, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘I felt really overwelmed and felt great along with the leadership training.  I had time for myself to visit my inner me, where I barely did in the past. … My mind was set free within the training, although I’m passing in several stressful situations and was overloaded by work and university education…’ (Raya Bou Jaber, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘Doing this training with DreamWeb had a great impact on me and on my life. I learned methods and tools that facilitates my conflicts that was going through in my life and ways to relief stress and repressed feelings and thoughts that were kept inside and tiring me and getting me stop from walking and achieving my goals. This training tought me: How to find myself and my inner center, to recover and stand back when I fail or when I am confused and stressed. To be confident and stand to what I realy want to achieve and fight for it and not to surrender. Not to be afraid or hasitate of telling or giving my opinion because it is better than keeping it inside and feel pain. Know I am feeling power inside that no matter what happens and what I may face in my life, I will find a way to stand and keep improving an developing.’ (Rola Humadeh, ngo Beam, Libanon).

‘After the training I became a more self confident person. I trusted my abilities more, I could face obstacles by putting my heart in peace, where I use to be very defensive. …Thank you ladies, you are perfect trainers’ (Rola Halawi, ngo Beam, Libanon).