My way of working as a leader

For every role I can fulfill (interim manager, program or project leader) we always start with an exploratory meeting to get the mutual expectations clear.

  • What is the question and what is the problem?
  • Often in the question is already implicitly a solution hidden. Will that implicit solution really solve the problem?

In my professional life it rarely happened that an assignment was the same after two weeks as in the first contact. Therefore I think it is very important to jointly explore what is really needed.

Then I develop a strategy and/or plan in which I make clear how I intend to proceed.

With my persuasiveness, decisiveness and strategic insight I am able to lead complex projects and programs. Projects in which:

  • Support is important,
  • Many parties (actors, stakeholders) are involved,
  • It is not always clear how to achieve a specific goal,

I find a challenge.

I make connections between people, departments, organizations, topics, ideas etc. In addition, I use a naturally inspiring and coaching leadership style, with which I will get the best out of people. In this way everyone gets the opportunity to excel, which will benefit the cooperation. Read more about my strengths.

In whatever role, I always see the person and not an object. With that I mean that I treat everyone with respect and see him or her as a person with his or her interests and perspectives. Even if I have to bring a negative message, I am able to do that clearly while at the same time maintaining the good relationship.