My way of working as a group coach

I’m trained as Organization & Relationship Systems Coach (ORSC). I use the methods from the training, and also others that have proven to work well. If necessary, I design methods myself.

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The client and I first have an interview to discuss the matter and to get the coach question clear.

Probably I will have an interview with (some of) those involved to get an idea of the different perspectives on the situation and on the coach question.

One thing is certain: in group coaching we do not sit behind tables. You can not hide. I like to bring some dynamics in the organization coaching. I therewith make processes transparent, I challenge, hold up mirrors and the looser atmosphere often brings a different dynamic in a group. We use the space around us. In case more workshops will follow, I’ll give home assignments.

It may be that already has been chosen for one of the seven workshops for organizational coaching that are part the program that I developed together with my partners. Another possibility is that more customization is desired. In a first meeting we jointly choose the most appropriate form. In all cases, I will tailor the methods/workforms to the participants and the organization or group. Depending on the size of the group(s) I will involve one or more of my partners.

Needless to say everything discussed in the preparatory talks and coaching workshops is confidential.