My passion

My passion? People! People with all their talents, characteristics, fears, strengths and weaknesses. Every person is special in her or his own way. Every person is striving for a fulfilled life. A fulfilled life is a life in which we can discover our unique talents, develop them ánd use them. We all long for a life in which we can develop ourselves fully.

To this I love to contribute.

Therefore my passion is:

  • encourage people to discover their personal leadership, the leadership over their life (in any situation) and over that what they really want to bring into the world.
  • to help people discover and learn to appreciate different perspectives (which is not the same as agreeing with everything);
  • to help people to discover ways to work and live together in a way that respects the dignity of all.

My philosophy of life:

My philosophy of life makes that I look beyond my own interests and the interests of my immediate surroundings. I quickly see the broader implications for society and for the world. I look for ways to transfer these insights to others.

A respectful society can only be built if we interact with respect. Different perspectives will always be there, the key is to keep seeing the other as a person and not as an object, even if you do not agree with each other. We must be able to meet ourselves and the other without fear, with respect for who we are and who the other in essence is. Let’s meet there, in the common area of being human.