I was there for them...


“Margot has helped me last year to push my boundaries. And that has had better results than I dared to dream! Beforehand we made a number of clear agreements, which I found very pleasant. During the sessions, Margot senses always very well what I need. Because of her I dare to try out new behaviors. She is always friendly and never forcing. For me the ideal way to discover new insights and possibilities, which I then can discuss with her. Margot’s warmth, attention and encouragement make it easier for me to name my doubts and fears. Without Margot I could not have made the steps I did now. I am very happy and grateful to have Margot as a coach!”


“I am a teacher at a primary school and a few years ago I’ve been coached by Margot de Ruiter. I can describe her as a highly qualified person who has very strong analytical skills and great creativity. By combining these two talents together, in my view she stands out with head and shoulders above the many people in the Netherlands, who also call themselves coach. I’m therefore deeply impressed by what she has to offer. Furthermore, she is a lovely woman with whom you quickly feel at ease, whereby a bond of trust is easily layed.

Because of the conversations I have gained insights that I still apply in my working life and beyond.”

Director Operation

“You unburdened me, I experienced trust. The team was in good hands with you, you gave the good example: how does good and professional cooperation look like? You established the connection between the department, Division Operation and the rest of the organization.”

Joost de Ruiter (no family), functional designer and consultant usability

“I look back on an extremely pleasant cooperation with Margot. She has a special talent to connect the various parts of a project in a heterogeneous organization and thus achieve a good result. If conflicts arise between groups with different interests, she acts as a quiet mediator. In such situations, Margot was able to bring peace in the project so that I could concentrate well on my work. In addition, she gave me enough space and the opportunity to explore the needs of users and stakeholders in a sound way. Hereby I was able to make a proper functional design. Margot played a very positive role in the project, which was stimulating for the creativity in the project. She takes a clear lead at the time that the balance between different interests and the end result will be under pressure. Someone who was clearly not effective in the process, she maneuvered diplomatically to the sidelines. I never got the impression that there was too much pressure on the project or that something had to be finished too fast and carelessly. The quality and the result benefited from that and the result was received with open arms by stakeholders as well as users.”