Personal Leadership

My passion? People!

Personal leadership and coaching for individuals and groups are the themes on which I direct my focus after a long career of 30 years as interim manager, program- and project leader. Beside that I design and give workshops and training about the power of the individual and the power of co-operation. The basis of everything I do is: make everyone discover his or her personal leadership and encourage them to dare to trust thereon.

Personal leadership for me is: wanting to discover what motivates you in life, what you really think is important; to take control of everything you do in life, in any situation.

As a coach for personal leadership I build a bond of trust with my clients. I think it is important that we feel a connection; only then we can make the most of the coaching. To allow yourself into a vulnerable position can be exciting sometimes, but it is also essential. On this site you can read about who I am and what I consider important. Do you think we are a good match and I can help you? Please contact me for an introductory talk without obligation.