Personal leadership

Personal leadership

universumExhausting and confusing, I found the idea that I am not seen if I don’t shout loudly: ‘here I am’ or ‘in this I am the best’. And maybe that is true. I can’t expect that, if I hide under a stone because I think this is scary or I’m just not in the mood, others will see me.

But what do I actually show to myself? How can I make my life really meaningful if I don’t see myself? Discovering and acknowledging who I really am and what I want to bring into the world is not that easy. And not letting myself being guided by what others think or expect is far from easy. For me this was and is a discovery journey in which taking my personal leadership is the key.

I want to take leadership over what I do and over what I want to bring into the world. I want to walk on my own path. It is not about what others do or think, it is about what I do. Discovering and acknowledging myself starts with being honest with myself.

For me personal leadership is: having the courage to discover who I am and for which I stand for, the courage to discover my own path and to follow it and take control myself over everything I do in life. My personal leadership is about discovering and acknowledging the uniqueness in me. I am unique, just as everyone else. No one benefits from me putting my light under the bushel. I want to shine and radiate, with all my talents! And that is not arrogant. That is accepting who I am, with all my talents, and nice and less nice characteristics. That is also facing what life brought me in beautiful and less beautiful experiences and what I learned from that. And that is accepting the person I became because of all that and never will be ‘finished’. There always will be lots to discover and develop in myself and in the relationshiop between myself and the world.

My personal leadership is about standing in life as honest and open as possible, open relationships with myself and with others. It is about the respectful treatment of my ‘being human’ and the ‘being human’ of others; respectful for all the doubts and perspecives that will be there and for our reaction to that. My personal leadership is about being conscious of everything that can be in the way of a respectful relationship with myself and with others. I will do my utmost to be as honest and open as possible about that. And I know I will fail and start again.

I keep with myself what is mine. I leave with the you what belongs to you. In the space in between we will meet, without judgements and with respect for the uniquenes of both.

What does your personal leadership look like?

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