My strengths

My strengths are:

1. Connecting people, to each other, to a common goal

Naturally my focus is on the basic needs of the other and I don’t let myself be distracted or mislead by labels.

My ability to make connection with people helps me to look through the outside of someone to see the person he or she truly is. Intuitively I know how individuals with very different ways of working and/or personalities can complement each other. I’ll always consider other perspectives while keeping the end goal in sight. Thereby I’m proficient in building teams.

2. Creative solution routes

I am seen as an innovative and original thinking person.

By devising and developing alternative routes, I help others to see that there is more than one way to achieve a goal and to reach consensus.

3. Analytical ability, finding the core

I recognize issues and trends often earlier than others. Opportunities that many others overlook help me in coming up with alternative solution directions.

From apparent chaos I can quickly distill the core. Hereby I can give and hold overview easily.

4. Visualize, initiate, plan

From just an idea I organize everything necessary to get the project on track.

I propose a clear plan of execution by visualizing the desired end result and the steps required to achieve that goal.

5. Result oriented, decisive, give direction

The plans and innovative ideas of others I transform into action. Creative and original thinkers I can well support in materializing and realizing their ideas.

For issues that have bogged down in discussions, I design a plan to get things moving again. One of my strengths is the ability to create movement, propulsion and momentum in others. This way I am able to lead people and projects to success.

6. Strategic thinking and acting

The foregoing points are the basis of my strategic insight. I see what is needed to achieve the desired result in sometimes vague situations and I act accordingly. I always look for opportunities to turn an obstruction into a chance.

7. Acting in politically sensitive and administrative environments

Because of these characteristics and by my persuasiveness and decisiveness I move and act easily in politically sensitive and administrative environments. Hereby I am able to manage complex projects and programs, where acceptance and support is important and many different parties are involved; even if it is not clear which path should be followed to achieve a particular goal.


My strengths and nature complement each other well. I stay calm and keep tranquility in unexpected, critical and apparently chaotic situations. Because of my flexibility I recover quickly from setbacks.

I listen and advise. By asking probing questions, I guide the thoughts and reasoning of others. Because I think people really matter, I listen carefully to what someone has to say. I will continually seek opportunities that enable people to use their talents to solve problems.

I encourage people to be their real and true self and dare to trust thereon. I encourage people to convert an idea into something tangible.

People who struggle with uncertainty of change or those who are about to take an important decision, I will help to reduce their stress. In these situations my calming influence comes in very handy.